Girl I always talks to will randomly ignore me for a day?

So there is this girl I like and we have been talking usually till like 1 am everyday all day. But every once and a while she will randomly not respond. Yet we are supposed to be hanging out this weekend. And I know she isn't busy doing other things.


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  • She doesn't have to respond to you. She is not obligated to do so. You have to realize that. People are not always in the mood to talk.

    • I do realize that now but I kind of forgot when she told my friend how she is ignoring me on purpose

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  • She is losing interest, this is a red flag
    Stop talking so much on text or phone coz it kills the mystery, spend time in real hanging out not on phone, this the reason why she is acting flakey

    • I am going to try and do that but last night she literally asked if we were still hanging out this weekend. So I guess i'll just try to keep it on the down low.

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    • The thing is. I'm not totally interested in her yet. I'm fine with just being her friend and if anything happens then that's great too. The times we have hung out are just at parties and drinking and what not.

    • Who cares? Focus on having sex with her
      And dont delude yourself, had u seen only as a friend u wouldn't be writing here,.