Why do people ghost their girl/guy?

Why do people ghost their girl/guy? It seems to me like the coward way out. If you have known a girl likes you, why not stop it and let it drag on. A guy/girl has to just say "I'm seeing someone" or " "I'm not ready". Why be a coward?


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  • I've had guys get my attention but they always let it drag on before they ever speak to you. Or even worse they never act on it at all. I get that maybe they are just really nervous when it comes to their crush, so they might hold back on approaching for a couple of days or so. But to let it drag on for years is just pathetic. . . and they wonder why people lose interest. Had ample opportunities to talk and they just sit back and wait on you taking them by the hand. People that do this are attracted to you no doubt about it. But its purely based on physical attraction, if they can't even talk you then they can't be all that interested in getting to know you. The most annoying thing is that when you stop paying any attention to them, they think its you that's been messing them around when its the other way around. Why does love feel like a battlefield? Shallow hals, idealism, unnecessary aggressiveness, over thinking it and over complicating it for them selves, never acting on it or leaving it til its far too late. You pick.


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  • They just don't care to bother.