Im gutted let my guard down and he went strange?

Met a guy on pof we was talking a few weeks and meet up. We had such a laugh just couldn't stop talking to each other. He text the next day to say he had a great time meeting me. I said he seems really nice bla bla. Anyway after afew days he went quiet. I had text about 9pm had ro sort the kids when was home all that. Then text to say sorry that i hadn't text college was full on how are you? To which i got no reply. I left it till Friday and text again and he called me ignorant for not texting. I said i did and he said not with a question. This made me feel a little confused. I said to him maybe you got me confussed with the others not sure but i did text with a question.
He then went quiet and said ohh i was making you sweat because you didn't text all day.
Anyway i said to him good luck with it, and deleted his number.
I come across a message afew days later and text to say hi he then said you blocked me! I told him i didn't block just deleted his number as he was coming across as he wasn't interestsay.
To which he replied i see. I asked if he was in a mood and he ignored me. So i deleted his number again. Its just really annoyed me that we got on so well and after i found out he was back on pof he went strange. If he wasn't interested why not just say.
I find it really hard to trust guys and somehow he managed to get passed my gaurd. No im confused to what the hell has happened as he wouldn't say.
What do yous think?


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  • Were you dating at that point or was it just one date? Even if you got along great, if he didn't know where things were going, there was no reason for him to take his POF profile down until things progressed with the two of you. Seems like you jumped the gun about being hurt and mad at him.

    • No he didn't reply after afew days then gave some lame excuse about me not texting all day. I like honesty not to be ignored that's just immature. He had already said he wasn't on pof and that he speaks to two other women every now and again.

    • There's your answer right there. If he's already talking to two other women, you're just one more girl in the mix. You're probably going to want to find another guy.

    • True

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  • Well, I think you should stop wasting your time with him.

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