me respond and turn things around!

I have been seeing this guy for 4.5 months now. We have been on a few dates but things are getting more and more casual. I am trying to get the late night 'hang out' texts to end and get him to take me out on a real date. So I would like to respond to one of these texts with something that can say/convey...

1) I do like you and don't want you to go away

2) I want to see you but not late at night

3) Take me on a date or make plans with me in advance if you want to hang out

Without sounding needy, pushy, or bitchy. Just straightforward, chill and honest. He has a way with making me act out of character and I would like to hear from the guys as to what a text message would say/look like.


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  • If you guys have not been having sex, then follow the advice of Blackkid and see what happens.

    If you guys are having sex, then I am afraid you are in the booty call zone and once you are there you will not be converted into girlfriend or date material. You can communicate all you want to him about what you want but he doesn't want that or he would have been dating you and kept dating you until you were in a relationship but that would involve not having sex until you were in the relationship.

    You can still text him back with "Why don't we plan something nice next week." and see what happens. A guy who has you in the booty call zone will not want to plan things. He calls when he is horny, hence the late night texts and hookups. Been there, done that. Even had a casual deal with a guy I agreed I wanted to keep casual and it would drive me crazy that casual apparently involves no pre-planning of anything. That's when I realized they contact you when they are horny and are not into planning ahead of time.


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  • "Why don't we plan something nice next week?" <- Done.


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