Should I go back to my ex?

Should I go back to my ex?

What do you guys think? Should I go back with him?
He has changed a lot! His nicer sweeter!!!
I actually realized I can't live or be something without this guy! He doesn't want to go back but I don't think he means it he loves me I know it he hasn't done anything with any girl just coz he couldn't do it with anyone else he says he is but I know him well his not that type of guy who goes sleeps around with other girls! He has been talking to me and it's really shows that he cares about me like before we slept together like 2 days ago I cried he knew that it was cause I saw him I had to lie to see him again! (Even I lied to him he knows I cried coz I saw him)
Is there a way I can get him back?
Like a mind trick of something? (I'm kidding about that) but I would do anything!!


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  • "He doesn't want to go back but I don't think he means it"

    It sounds like you're obsessed and won't respect his decision to not want to get back together. Just because he hasn't hooked up with anyone else doesn't mean he wants you it just means he hasn't met someone new yet that he wants. You need to leave him alone and try and move on.

    • Am not he couldn't do it with anyone coz he was thinking about me the whole time of the brake up he told me that he tried to bring it 50 times on his hand but his hornes wouldn't stop
      He wanted me to be his sex friend
      He told me he missed me
      He didn't have the green eyes he had the in love eyes and when he saw me he was so happy to see me and knew I was going to cry like I said
      When he said that he didn't want to go back his look was sad as if he didn't meet it he didn't say he was happy and when his at his house his not well I used to be in his house half of the time and sleep there even! I know my ex we've been together for 2 years

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    • Well now do that again only this time stop looking at photos of you two together. Stop looking at any photos with him at all.

    • I wasn't looking
      I was just showing people how we are and if we can get back together that's all

  • Nice cleavage


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