What do you do when your youth is slipping away along with your prime?

Ok so most people start dating way back in middle school at around 13 or 14 and surely most have at least experienced one relationship by 21. I'm 24 I turn 25 this year I feel that I am past my prime like I missed my opportunitys and now I'm just a old man. I have always been shy and introverted never could talk to a women beyond friendship and if the girl was really hot I couldn't talk to her period. I just feel I will be in the same situation two years from now because a girlfriend isn't gonna drop out of nowhere and I'm not likely to get confident over night

Thanks for opinions


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  • Women like older guys.

    • Where do you get this from

    • I'm a woman who likes older guys and has met many women who like older guys.

    • Well I was thinking of trying to go after old women I started at looking with women in their mid thirtys

  • I started dating my boyfriend at 28. Before him I had never been in a relationship. I hadn't even had my first kiss...
    It just happened when I met the right person and stopped acting like a stuck up bi***.

    • Well I never had one relationship and I'm smart enough to know that the first girl isn't gonna be a home run I'm not that lucky

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  • Come workout with me op, I'm gonna be in my prime for rest of my life

    • Dude I'm referring to prime as in women don't want me after a certain age

  • I feel the same way except I'm a little younger. It sucks because the longer you've put it off the further behind you fall relative to your peers and the harder it becomes to make that first step to break out of your shell and start dating.

    • I'm scared I'm gonna be single forever

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    • How do tbey help?

      Its not something most guys do but its not unheard of.

    • So how come people on here recommended it you and 1 other girl did

  • But your not even 30 dude. Your good, my parents are still active and they are 45. My dad, lol, he brags he can still get erections, its quiet funny.

    • Dude I don't wanna be this way going into my thirtys this is desperation

    • Most people brake out of their shyness but it's gonna forever cripple my love life

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