Is he playing me?

(Please Refrain from saying something mean) I have been talking to this guy for the past week and we have decent conversations, we have a lot in common, and we ask each other questions, he said that I'm Sweet and that he is excited to see me, he says he wants to kiss\make out with me after our first date and that he already likes me, we talk day and night, we usually end up talking until 1am. He seems to be actually interested but was wondering if you think there's anything I should watch out for. At first when we were planning to meet he seemed persistent to go to a restaurant near his house and that he said he is familiar with places near him and that he said he's nervous going to a place he doesn't really know. (We end up picking a place in the middle)

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  • He likes you
  • other (please explain)
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  • Voted A.

    Him demanding for a make out session after the first date is something i would say to a girl im just playing arround with. Ditch this loser.

    • True but why would he talk all day and night though if he just wants to play around?

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    • Yes, of course

    • I think you need to follow me in order for me to send a message lol

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  • He seems to like you, I mean it sounds like he went through a fair bit of trouble for you.