Should I still pursue him?

Hi! :D
I met this guy at work a month or 2 ago. And, yesterday I asked him out. He replied that he was in a "rushed with his finals". I do believe him about being busy with school since it's midterm. However, how can tell that he is or not interested in me? Should I keep trying and go for him?

Here is my situation:
Everytime we text, he would reply pretty quickly and add a smile or another happy emoji EVERYTIME. I'm always the one who text him first though. Does it matter?
Also, everytime I'm sitting alone at work during lunch, he would come sit next to me and talk (A LOT). It's never awkward between us or something. So, yeh he's really chill and kind.
Can you guys and girls please help?
I'm french so, sorry for the bad english! :s


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  • it's a good sign that he replies to you quickly and treat you nicely.. but you shouldn't pursue him... wait until he finishes with his finals, then he will definitely ask you out if he likes you :D

    • Ohh alright thanks!! :)
      Should I still talk him tho? It's just that sometimes i worry that I'm too invasive since I am always the one texting him first.
      And another question (sorry), how can I tell if he only see me as a "bro" ? Because we give props to each other everytime we meet. :/

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    • In general, I make the effort to bring new subjects. or ask questions. What I am saying is that if I don't start something, nothing will happen... He'll talk and be nice when we do have a convo and get interested... Oh well.. Thank you so much for your help!!! I'm a newbie with flirting and stuff haha.

    • Sounds great, good luck and don't worry =)))

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  • Maybe he likes you but he really has no time to date you. Anyway, stop texting him first. Allow him to initiate a few times as well.