I said I don't want him as a boyfriend but I might have changed my mind - what to do?

Hello again!
So.. in a nutshell there is this boy and we kissed once in the club (i was kinda drunkish, he wasn't). Anyways we went on a date two times and on the second date he asked me if i had a boyfriends and i said that i don't have one, then he asked me weather I would like to have one. At the time I really didn't want any kind of commitment and I told him that I am quote buisy and that I don't really have much free time. We agreed that we will be friends and we chat from time to time.
But I have been thinking about it lately and i might want him as my boyfriend but i have no idea how to drop him a hint. What do you reccomend? What should I do?


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  • Long history


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  • Just tell him you'd like to go to the park/nice place and that you have to tell him some great news! He will be thrilled! Make sure it's what you really want though... because once you "go head first" there is NO turning back! Good luck! :)

    • Woah! No turning back, huh? Kinda scary

    • Just messing with you... just wait until you're sure... hehehe!

    • This is good advice. People change their minds and discover things in others they didn't see before. That is one way we learn about each other and ourselves. Just be very careful and very clear because if a man thinks you are opening your heart to him, he can quickly become very emotional. Be considerate of that and his heart. Let him know you are confused and really don't know and are trying to figure things out. If he is a good man, he will understand and respect your confusion and not pressure you. But at a certain point - soon - if you have not decided, you need to tell him no and not string him along because that is cruel, even if you don't mean it.

  • So the best thing to do in this situation is probably to be honest with him! If you don't want to tell him out right, drop some hints and flirt with him a little. I would recommend seeing if he wants to go on a causal date and take it from there. Good luck hope this helps.

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