Girls, What should I include in my online dating profile? I want to raise my stock without coming across arrogant. Help?

Should I stick to only listing my interests or should I list so called accomplishments. I am in mensa, last year I took second place in a triathlon, was nationally rated in tennis at some point, I have a really good job and sometimes I do commercials where I am usually cast as a boyfriend. My old girlfriend was a runway model I met on set but I moved to a new city and don't go out because I'm almost always busy and I don't drink often. My friends say I probably won't do that well again. Right now I get online attention from average looking women who have average lives and that's not what I want. Advice needed. In regular life in pretty modest and asking makes me feel a little like a jerk, but I want to know what girls think.


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  • Listing accomplishments makes it sound like you're bragging. To be fair, you can't be sure these women live "average lives" just by reading through their online dating profile. Most people keep it pretty brief.

    If you're only really interested in finding another "runway model," then online dating probably isn't the best place to go, lol.

    Use good pictures. If you have pictures of you doing the triathlon or playing tennis, definitely include those. List your interests, and try to convey your personality through your writing. A well-written, funny/interesting profile is better than a braggy profile.


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