Should I be angry?

Long story short there is a girl in my class, who I knew year ago. Due to the hectic nature of my major I stopped talking to her, and stopped responding to her texts. Everyone said she really like me, and I felt bad. This semester I started talking to her, and she seemed quite angry and didn't want to talk to me the first day of class. So I gave her space, and she started sitting with me and my female friend the next day. She would always walk with me out of class, and we would walk together to the parking lot. She would always wave at me and joke with me. One day my friend said she clearly liked me, and said she was attached to my hip. So I asked her out and told her I was sorry we drifted apart. She said it was okay, and yeah we could get coffee. So today I asked her if we could get something to drink, and she responded with "I don't want any sort of relationship with you!" Should I be angry or upset? I'm confused! why would she talk to me and sit with only to tell me to fuck off?

was she being rude?


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  • Feel whatever you want to feel bro. Let this blow over I guess


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