Does he like me? Or am I getting mixed signals?

I'm not that sure because I get a lot of mixed signals from him. I have had a crush on him for 1 year and a half because of his funniness. In class, he will always do something really strange or random which makes everyone one laugh. When he does that and I laugh too, he looks me in the eyes and makes direct eye contact. It seems to me likes he stares for a while because I look away for a bit then look back and he is still staring. In science class we used to sit near each other and constantly kid around, laugh and things like that. Anyways since it's 4th quarter we got new seats and he sits on the opposite side of the room, whenever he sharpens his pencil he walks past me and always says something about whatever my side of the room is talking about and makes me laugh. Anyways I used to have 6 classes with him so that's loads of time to make me laugh but once 2nd semester came I switched into g/t classes and only have 4 classes with him. Anyways the main question is, Does he like me? Or am i getting mixed signals?


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  • At least I don't see any mixed signals as such. All you have written is how he looks at you, how he tries to make you laugh and those are good signs and it does indicate that he likes you.

    Him sitting opposite of you is not called as giving a mixed signal, it's not necessary he has to sit on the same side as you to show he likes you, yes that happens, I agree but it's not necessary that the person has to sit on the same side as you.

    I think there is a good chance he likes you.

  • Both


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