Girl brought me to lobby of her apartment, what's next?

At the end of our first date, a girl suggested that we grab some ice-cream. Turns out that its just opposite from her home, so she suggested that we go to her house lobby to check out something, but said that her room is really messy and no one is around for the next few months, so we hung out at her lobby for 10-20 mins until we finished our food and parted.

How would you approach the lobby situation? Was she hinting that I should make the move to move on to her apartment?


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  • She clearly wanted to have sex with you!!

    • I'm new to this haha... Elaborate?

What Guys Said 1

  • LOL, give yourself a rock bottom hahaha
    Dude she wanted to have sex with you but you acted like a virgin who doesn't know what to do,
    Hahaha if you get another chance with this chic i would be really surprised lol

    • What would you have done?

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    • She said her room is messy though... does that mean anything?

    • Go and sleep, you will always have blue balls..

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