Signs a guy has a crush on you?


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  • You ask them and they say "yes"
    JK LOL I have more I guess but they're just generalizations so it doesn't always apply to all guys
    Take everything I say with a grain of salt

    They make an effort to speak to you (in person, online, etc)
    They remember things you've told them (that means they we're paying attention)
    They talk to you about things they're interested in and are happy when you listen
    They talk to you about things you're interested in
    Oh wait this list is more like "signs a guy likes you" since "has a crush" usually includes nervousness


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  • He looks at you a lot and ask about you as well


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  • He will stare at you
    He may come up and talk to you
    He sends friend requests on social media
    He asks you to hang out
    He gets shy/nervous around you

    Basically you're looking for changes in behaviour from when he's with to when he's with other girls

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