Question about cell phone tracker?

have a question. I have been looking online for a cell phone tracker that allows me to read recent texts/sms and deleted texts/sms, also read messages on Facebook and I messages. I tried to download one on my boyfriends phone. But he has a iphone s6 and I have a Samsung s6. He says he tried to download one but he is unable to do so because his phone won't let him download one from the Internet. I was wondering if there is one I can download on his phone that will send me his information to my phone. I know some people will have negative feedback. But it's something we both agreed on doing. If anyone knows of a app that I can download for free please let me know. Thankyou


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  • I doubt anyone would ever agree about something like that. I think you're trying to keep a check on your boyfriend behind his back. I don't consider it the right thing to do, especially if he hasn't given you a reason to do so. Privacy is something sacred.

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