Is this girl after money? We only dated a couple of times, but I don't think she is. My relatives the things she had said as a possible red flag?

I recently am dating this girl who I had met through a friend of a friend (long story) who has a child in a different country. She was married before but didn't last long because her husband was a jerk. She recently moved to NY, and got a job recently. My family thinks that she could be using me, especially before we dated, and I never mentioned this to them, that she asked how much I was making and how much I had saved. However, English is not her first language, so certain customs in the US may not have clicked. Not to say she doesn't know English, but she sometimes have trouble explaining things.

Prior to us dating, my friend told me she had helped another friend out with some money in the past, and my friend just met her the same time I did, so my friend is still neutral about it. In fact, my friend and I have only known her for a month, but my friend's friend are very close, so she believes that her friend would never lie about helping out. In the first couple of weeks of us meeting her, she paid our meals and opened up about her past.

Plus, my girlfriend had cooked some soup for her when she was sick. This is before we started dating as well.

So right now, I'm extremely conflicted. She's 5 years older, but she's probably the most honest person I've ever met so far. Granted, we're moving fast, but I do think I can be with her for a long time. She wasn't interested at my at first. But when she saw how I mature I was, she wanted to give me a chance. I didn't even know she was interested, but my friend told me based on the conversations that they have.

My family only knows one side based on experience, and my other friend knows the other side based on how much they've hung out and talked. My friend even went out of her way to record some of the conversation to convince me she was into me.

Should I ask her about why she asked how much I had and saved? I don't think she would be that type of person. Her family is well-off as well.

She already has a green card


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  • I would not marry somebody who does not live in my country cuz then I think they might use me just to get into the country and to be an American but thats just what I think. Don't move too fast js


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  • I think she is

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