Im too shy to say ' yes. ' can anyone help me?

i have this one guy that i really really liked. he did confess to me once but i rejected. (but i do like him a lot and i really wanna say ' yes' to his confession.) and then when i rejected him, he said that it was just a joke. and im actually relieved cause if i really did say ' yes. ' then it will be seriously embarrassing for me. but the next day, i feel like he's avoiding me for about a month or two. and suddenly, he text me again. and of course im happy. but whenever he text me it feels kinda awkward. and i dont know how to reply him. but i dont want him to think that i dont want to text with him. and about a week later, he confessed to me again. and this time he said that he's serious. and i seriously wanna say ' YES ! ' but im too shy to say that. and i asked why? and he said cause he likes me. and i was really really happy but i just dont know how say ' yes ' to him. and one hour passed, i still haven't reply his text , and he thought that i rejected him. and he said that its okay if i dont accept his confession. and i just lost my last chance. and he started to avoid me everytime he saw me. and i regret for not saying ' yes. ' to him at that time. 😢😭 i feel so broken nowadays. what should i do?

i feel like my crush has stopped avoiding me. and now i think that he never really did avoid me. i think that im the one who has avoiding him after all this time.


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  • If you really like him , say "yes" ... it'll be ok :)

    • but i already lost my second chance. what can i do?

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    • i did tell him that i feel the same way too. but he was just like 'okay.'

    • Just try one second time , explain to him that u liked him a long time ago too 😣 if he said no again then , just move on & get over it...☺

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  • So what in the hell is the problem with saying "yes?"

  • Just relax and calm down it'll be ok

    • i lost my second chance already, what can i do anymore?

    • I really think it's his loss you should move on

    • but i really do like him. i dont feel like i can move on. i feel like whenever i see his smile, i feel like i fall for him even more. 😭

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