What does it mean when this guy does this?

My cousins friend is my neighbor and we live in a condo complex. A couple days ago I was walking my dog and my cousins friend was outside with his friends, when he saw me he quickly left his friends and went upstairs and started watching me from his living room. I was walking my dog for 20 minutes and when I was about to go home, his friends went to his home. So, he left his friends so he could spy on me.

And yesterday, when I came home, he was by his car with his friends and when he saw me, he kept glancing at me and when I walked home, he left his friends walked behind me to his own home, even though he was busy just moments ago. And later that day, when I was going to my friends home, after I went to go to my car, he came out on his balcony to watch me. And then I received a call from my dad and he went back to his home and opened his window and started listening to my conversation and watching me. I could clearly see his head, he was watching me for 20 minutes and only went back to whatever he was doing when I left.

What does his behavior mean?


What Guys Said 1

  • He's studying you, tries to have a exact mental projection of your body to see how he can kill you and where he could burry you with a minimum of effort. It can take a long time since the dog could protect you from him.

    He likes you, of course, why do you think he would ignore or leave his friends for?

    • And he listens to you conversation with your father because he wants to know what you think about him. If you tell something like "a strange guy always stares me, he's really freaky", he would know that he must change his way to do.

What Girls Said 1

  • Stalker it sounds like.
    No, I'm kidding. He probably likes you and is trying to feel out the situation.

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