How do I strike up a conversation with a guy I know from school but don't really talk to?

How can I approach him without comming of stupid?

Do you have classes together?
Oh my god this is my own topic, I thought I'd finally found someone n the same situation


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  • Work your way up to it. If you shy then I want you to ask him for a pencil or the time in the very beginning, this way you'll become less and less shy and nervous around him. When you're reads, ask him stumble things like "oh what did you get on your quiz" or "did you do your homework what did you get for this question" feel free to come up with your own. Then when you're confident ask him out for some coffee or a study session

    • Thank you for your reply! But what if I ask him something, he answers and then the conversation dies? Should I just leave it there and start a new conversation later? Or should I try to keep the conversation going, risking making a fool of myself :(

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    • Yeah :(

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  • Just do it :P


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  • Try to use a friend... Is any of the girls you're friend with know him.. If yes ask them to introduce you and everything and go hang out together... If it's not the case just go slow and ask him about classwork... you can also go into it with "Your name is..., Right?" then he'd say yes and you can talk going from there

    • Thanks a lot for your reply! I going to try this, but what should I talk about? I don't know much about him, so maybe I should ask some questions.. But I don't want it to sound like a job interview if you know what I mean? He's also surrounder by friends a lot, is it okay to approach him with his friends nearby?

    • You can approach him with his friends around... If you want... It's usually harder for us guys when there's girls around... But I mean the best was for things to go smooth in your conversation is to not plan EVERYTHING you're gonna say I think... Just think of things ahead very slightly... Like give him compliments under the radar like "that's a cool name." you can go and saying what I say to girls.. "You look like a celebrity... I just can't figure out who..." than make one up that looks like him whatever... Find little smooth things that ARE NOT too formal... Just stay floating around in conversation... You want minimal information cause it's when you start saying important stuff that it sounds like a business interview that's too serious... Hope that helps

    • Again, thanks for the reply! What you're saying is true, I shouldn't plan everything ahead. That'll make it seem like I've studied my text, haha.
      I hadn't really seen it in that perspective before, maybe bc I'm so scared I'll mess up. I get so awkward around boys.. But you're right, thanks, it helped. Nice to hear things from the guy's perspective

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