Should I be a loser and message twice in a row?

Its long distance. We didn't talk for 6 months.

He recently said hi. but I was still mad about something he did before and finally blamed him for his behaviour. he's ignoring me now.

I feel bad that i didn't say i missed him because i really do. We had our ups and downs but i need him.

Should i try to make amends? Or leave it at that bad note?


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  • if you really miss him and wants to talk to him then message him that i know i was angry with you but i really miss you too.

    • Thankyou!
      However, i fear he will continue ignoring me after i message him. Will i look stupid and desperate?

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    • I decided to message him, I didn't say I miss him but I said I was sorry for being so mad.

      Thankyou for your advice, it made me feel better :3

    • no prob glad to help you :)

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  • Messaging twice in a row doesn't make you a loser.. but you probably should have gotten over whatever thing he did from SIX MONTHS AGO if you still wanted something with him. If you miss him then just say it back, and be honest about how you feel. Say that you do miss him too, and you're sorry you held on to your anger for so long, but you were really hurt by what he did.

    • The problem is he always left without saying anything and I didn't want that to happen again. I thought it was important to set my standards...

      I decided to apologize, and i dont know what will happen. But I definitely feel better :)

    • I agree that it's important to set standards, but you have to make your standards clear, and not assume that just because you do something they get it and you've made your point.