Any good conversation starters for a guy who has trouble talking to a girl he likes?

Hi there,
im a normal, funny, easy going dude, and I have no issues talking to whoever it is, except when its a girl I like...
I can manage starting and maintaining conversations whith a girl I like in person, and I would like to talk more to her via text message, but when it come to it I can't seem to find a way to start a conversarion. Don't have a problem once it starts cause we have a lot in common, it's just the first step.
Any good conversarion starters that girls find nice?


What Girls Said 1

  • Start by telling her hi and introducing yourself to her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Find something she's interested in (that you're also interested in), and start a topic from there.
    Another good option is getting her to tell you about something she's interested in. Basically, let her tell you what she likes, and relate to her. Chances are she might feel closer to you, too.
    Good luck! :)

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