I don't know what to do. Talking with one guy but his friend keeps asking me out what do I do?

First off my marriage hasn't been good for a while. We r gonna separate for a bit. There is a guy I been talking to as friends for a long time n even though we have never done anything but talk it's become a little more than friends we'll call him bob. There is another guy who we r friends with who seems to have a crush on me we'll call him tom. Bob gets jealous n he knows that tom likes me. He hates it. With that said Tim asked me out today to go have drinks with him. I said no. The problem is if I don't say anything to bob n he somehow finds out he's going to b pissed at me for keeping it secret. But if I do tell bob then he's gonna fuck with tom. I don't want that. They r friends n I have no interest n tom at all. Last time bob saw me n Tom together he was all jealous n pissy about it. I just consider tom a friend. No on we know knows bob n I have been talking n how close we r. I don't know what to do.

I haven't told bob that tom asked me out. It's still a problem tho because the 2 of them r friends n I don't want to get n the middle. Tom doesn't know bob n r as close as we r. I'm just afraid what could happen if Tim makes another move n front of bob. They r both pretty hit headed n it could b bad.


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  • Tell Tom you don't like him that way and that you will be going out with Bob and you hope he understands

    • But at the moment do I go ahead n tell bob about tom asking me out. Which he will b pissed at Tom. Or do I not say anything n hope bob doesn't find out cause if he does then he's gonna b pissed at me for keeping secrets

    • I wouldn't say anything. You did decline Toms advances. I don't think Tom would tell Bob he asked you out especially since he struck out

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  • Tell Bob that you're not interested in Tom at all.

    • I've told bob that but it still doesn't stop him from being jealous.