Do you consider this a date?

During a conversation with my crush he said where he lives (suburbs while I'm in the city and we're about a 40 min drive away from eachother) there are no bubble tea shops. I replied "There are a lot here" then added "Visit and I'll take you" <- did that count as me asking him out? Or would it be considered just hanging out? He replied "That'd be nice" What would you consider this as?
Also, if you aren't interested in a girl but she wants to hang out, what would you do or say?


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  • I don't consider it a date. I just consider a date a date when both people agree that it's a date. If one of the people involved is not aware or it, it's not a date. So, according to my point of view, you'll just hang out.

    • Okay good
      Thanks! I was worried I accidentally asked someone out

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    • I mean, I like him more than a friend but I don't think I'm ready to date him.

    • You're right. Take your time and just hang out with him while you don't feel ready.

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  • It doesn't matter. Go out with him and see how it goes.


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