Circle of Friend zone?

So. I liked this guy in the 8th grade. I was an ugly child, and he made it perfectly clear that he did NOT want to go out with me. We went to different high schools, and although we had each other's phone numbers, we never spoke.

Flash forward to now. He calls me completely out of the blue, just to see how I'm doing. He went me a selfie, I sent one back. We have a lot in common, but I don't like him any more. No, I don't have a boyfriend, but I do like someone at my school.

Anyway, out of nowhere he says he misses me, and really likes me. (I got REALLY hot). He asked me on a date, I avoided it so as to not hurt his feelings. I don't want to friend zone him, but that's what he did to me. I think he kinda deserves it.

Why do guys only me when I don't like them?


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  • All I can say is that he's feeling the repercussions of breaking up with you. If you don't like him like that, you've got to friend zone him, or he is going to keep trying to get with you. Either friend zone him or stop being friends with him entirely...

    • We were never together.
      And no, I don't like him like that. I just don't want to be mean to him.

    • Whoops, I read that wrong... this is awkward.

      After re-reading, it sounds to me like he thinks it's a missed opportunity to not date you in 8th grade. Chances are unless you tell him you're not interested, he's not going to quit pursuing you.

  • He's shallow and hitting on you because you're hotter now. That's why he wants you now.
    I don't know about the other guys, but in this case he just wants you because of your looks now

  • Hahah 😂
    Friend zone 😜
    But I think you should not friend zone him cause then there will be no difference between you and him