She turned cold suddenly , why?

I have been dating this girl for like 6 months and every thing going well like going out and having a lot of fun but suddenly she turned cold for no reason , I asked her many times if there is anything wrong or I mistreated her or something but she keeps saying nothing , when I ignored her for a while she kept sending me texts and some. of it was mean and when I started talking to her she went cold again and said that she don't know what to feel about me.

I can't understand her now does she want us to be together or not?


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  • Sounds like she doesn't want to be together anymore. How long has she been acting like that?

    • Almost a week , she gets mad when I don't text her back is that normal in this case?

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    • Should I just completely ignore her or treat her as a friend in your opinion?

    • Don't ignore her, but don't reach out to her. Let her come to you, and if not, you have your answer.

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  • I'd break up with her for a few reason. One, if she does this at 6 months it only gets crazier from here... 2) she sounds self centered, and 3) it sounds like she's about to dump you and may have already have her eyes on someone else

    • Yah maybe you are right , I will just treat her as. Friend from now on and just move on.
      Thanks for your help.

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