Ex girlfriend keeps asking me to block her on Social Media?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me in December we was together for 2 years, she got in another relationship 2 weeks later and already saying "this is her soul mate".

We've been apart for 3 months and I not once blocked her on anything because she blocked me off everything...

Last month was the last time we had contact like we talked about family, life, etc.(she was telling me her relationship was complicated that's when I just said I had to go because I don't want to her about your problems) Not the past. She never once mention me "blocking her on social media". We didn't speak after this.

3 weeks go by we and she randomly text "can you block me on social media". I was in NC so ignored it. Saturday she called but I was working so I missed the call.

right now at 4:32am she messaged me on facebook saying "can you remove all our pictures (from 2014) and block me on every social media.

she's still with the guy she left me for, but I see no point of her worried about my social media page when's she's in a relationship. She never ever gets on Facebook so I know it's not a biggie.

What's your thoughts?


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  • Just block her and then you won't have to worry about what she thinks.


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  • Well, that's strange!, I am not sure what's bothering her. The only thing I can think off is if she thinks you will misuse her information, her pictures in some way, the only reason she could be saying this is because she fears that her information would be misused by you and that she doesn't trust you.

    Otherwise it's strange!.

    • im a respectful young man. I've never misused her information. I've never bothered her in her new relationship (she reaches out to me every time), all the pics are from 2014 (they're on FB where she never gets on, last night was her first time messaging me from their since 07/2015) but I'm just ignore it, I don't bother her at all, what I post on Social Media is nothing but positive content. She can easily block me and be done but I guess she wants me to bow down to her command so she can feel like she has power over me to boost her ego

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  • well I've not heard this one before...

  • It's a weird one, she should block you, if she doesn't want contact & won't have to see any pics, on one hand it's like she's fishing to see if you still care & letting you know she's taken, she may be playing games with you and him not knowing who or what she wants! None of this is your problem!

    If it was me, I would ignore her and if she contacts you again, send a simple message saying your pleased she's met someone special, the pics are part of the past and are irrelevant now, but still a memory it doesn't mean anything, and if she wants she is welcome to block you, but what you do with your social media is not her concern & wish her all the best for the future.

    And just ignore her!

    • Thanks from he respond it is a weird one. Like I said I talked to her about a month ago before I went full NC and she never mention social media. She was thanking me for being their for her and how great of a person I am. Then since I've been NC she's sent this message twice. Like you're TEXTING ME and sad thing is only place we have pics is FB which she never gets on their. So I just ignored her again.

    • I think she may be trying to get you to make a move on her by initiating contact, maybe the new guy isn't that into her and she's trying to keep you on the hook in case she wants to get back together if it goes wrong or maybe she still cares but to me IF she was genuine & heartfelt she would be straight with and say I miss you can we talk the fact she's approaching a reconciliation with games playing isn't a good sign it's quite manipulative in a way!
      She's contacting you, asking you not to contact her, when you have gone no contact! silly game to get you to do the reconciliation legwork!

      If aren't madly in love with this girl I would run a mile? as do you really want to be this girls "manipulated bitch" for the rest of your life!!!

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  • Just block her

  • Yeah, keep ignoring her.

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