He texted me the day we broke up but he hasn't since then....Why not?

i met this guy in September and we made it official in December. I'm 25 and he's 26. our relationship had been a little shaky and we constantly was breaking up all because of me and then I would be the one asking for us to get back together. but this time was different. I wasn't calling or texting him and I just distanced myself from him. so he texted me Tuesday morning saying "i guess we're due for another talk" and I replied with "I'm done talking because nothing is changing" and he agreed and said we'll just call it off and I said ok.(which I have never done...i would always try to say lets work it out) well he then says "i still love you I'll holla sometime" and I told him that I still loved him too. I wasn't expecting to hear from him because like I said he usually just lets it go when I say lets break up, but then he texted me later on that day asking how my day was and I said OK. he didn't text me yesterday so I ended up texting him and he didn't text me today so I texted him asking a question regarding my game and that was it. Why did he only text me that day and not after that? and why hasn't he mentioned anything about the break up? Should I just leave it alone?


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  • these things happen it could have been anyhing maybe he met someone, maybe he forgot, maybe he was busy playing nitendo..


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