Why do exes do this?

I've started dating someone new recently after a one year realtionship.
My ex didn't care for me and made no effort, so I found someome who does.
he's now calling asking can we meet up.
im not taking him back, but why do people do this?
if you had a good thing in the first place, why get mad when the other person moves on?


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  • Possibilities:

    1. He loves you and realises he's made a huge mistake. Maybe he didn't love you then, maybe he did, but he does now.
    2. He's hoping for easy sex with a familiar person.
    3. He feels guilty about mistreating you and wants to say so or just see how you react to him.
    4. He's lonely and/or bored.

    • Oh he's DEFFO not bored. He was sending me photos of his yesterday working out lol. He was also sending me messgages saying how desperate I am and how much happier without ME he is... Then he rang me asking to see me

    • I think he wants to have sex with you and not a lot more.

    • Im not sure if it's about sex to be honest

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  • They don't want to let anyone else have you basically they think they own you 😥 which they don't.


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  • Because people are selfish and don't realize what they have until they lose it. And sometimes some people just don't have the emotional maturity to be happy for the other person.