Ladies! Which guy would you rather date?

Guy A:
Attractive face
Funny and adventurous
Wonderful personality
High confidence
4" shorter than you

Guy B:
A bit boring
OK personality
Has some confidence
4" taller than you

Let's assume they're equal in everything else.
So, who will you pick?

  • Guy A
  • Guy B
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'll just look for someone else.. I doubt that in thus world there's only two options. I'll wait for what feels right because I'm patient.
    I'd be friends with the first guy though. I guess I'd pick him if he was perfect, literally perfect to me in everything else. But you see, girls have basic standards (a few or a lot sometimes) and for me that would be someone taller than me. Yes its superficial but if you think of it, not really. Looks are really important because if you have children with that person, you're passing your genes, your legacy, along with your partners. And you want the most perfect partner to reproduce with because that's making sure your "offspring" survives. So if a girl think s taller is better, there's no real way to get her in the long term. These are subconscious choices we make, we can't really control our nature. But, perhaps there are girls who think shorter is better, that's for you to find out though (:


What Girls Said 3

  • 165cm then, that's cool. Guy A.

  • I would not date anyone of them.

  • God men are so insecure about height...


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