Whenever I ask her to hang out she always has an excuse?

We've hung out and stuff before and nothing wrong happened. We've hooked up once too. She's always the 1st one to text me and stuff. It seems like she really wants to talk to me too and whenever I suggest doing something over the weekend she usually says "Yeah for sure :)" Or something like that. But then later she'll tell me she's busy with something else. She actually has an honestly busy lifestyle, I've seen it myself. But its kinda stupid. I'm thinking why does this girl want to talk to me and get to know me if she doesn't want to do anything?


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  • She may honestly like you, but if that doesn't translate into wanting to see you then there's something wrong here. It's possible that she could be nervous, but that's still not an excuse to not want to see you. Either let her make plans with you, or move on

  • She might actually be busy or she could be playing games. I think you should stop asking her and let her make plans with you.

    • Yeah I thinks that's what I'm gonna do.

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