Guy friend asked do I meet up other guys?

I'm seeing one guy. I like him a lot and I have feelings for him but we decided to just be friends now because we are both so busy and we don't have so much time to invest for a relationship. Because we know that a relationship needs an investment of a couple's time, energy and focus. However, we meet up quite often and always have fun time together. Today he asked me if/do I see or meet up other guys and is he the only one. What does that mean? I'm just confused because we are friends so why did he ask about that. And sorry my English but hopefully you understand my point haha 😃


What Guys Said 1

  • I think he wanted to know if you have feelings about him or of you still miss him, think of him etc. He wanted to know that indirectly from your answer.


What Girls Said 2

  • Answer in honesty.
    It's clear to see what he cares.
    Even though I know he does, I like to keep it real.
    If he decides to get jealous over that, that's his fault because he's not taking the bait :)

  • He probably likes you for more than a friend... he is jealous!