What would you consider to be a deep conversation?

I'm trying to get to the bottom of what it means to be in a romantic relationship, and one thing I have figured out is that the difference between friend and boyfriend is that a woman will have "deep" conversations with a boyfriend but not with a simple friend. So what would be considered a deep conversation? Would it be about the universe and its vast ness (I sure as hell hope that's not it)? Or about plans for a future life? That I would understand, but then the question is at what point do 2 people start asking these question? Do they have to be dating or not necessarily? Sorry I kinda let a lot of question out.


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  • Family/past relationshiprelationship (depends on how bad either of these were) *serious relationship OR dating

    Yeah, plans for a future life and goals for a career, how many kids/or no kids? *serious dating

    Views on morals; drugs, promiscuity, abortion...(but if it's new... WAIT on these topics) *serious relationship

    Religion/lack of religion *serious relationship


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  • Deep discussions are generally how you really feel and what is going on in your mind. Thought processes. Telling things you've never told anyone else


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  • things that you talk about that make you go deep down into your soul, into your bones. You can cut the tension with a knife. Your thinkin hey maybe I should say a joke here to lighten the mood, but then you think, nah that might piss her off.

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