Help me plan a romantic beach date?

I'm planning on taking a date to the beach this Saturday and Im trying to make it special.
Going to Huntington Beach if that helps

Girls what would you want to do on a dream beach date?

Everyone is suggesting a picnic, would a beachside reservation at a restaurant be better?


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  • Love Huntington breh, loovveee. Yeah dude you guys like the same music? Find something nice to have on your phone, put it in your pocket, and dance! Pack a picnic, bring towels and just talk, sounds like a blast!

    • Oh and you could paddle board! Probably rent wet suits, LA water still cold i think

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    • Well my fav spot in all LA is "The Local Spot" on Long Beach, it's right on the marina there. Omg, 10/10 establishment brother. I'll be in LA next month can't fuckingggg waiiiiit!

    • But ya thats a drive between LB and Huntington. Umm I don't know man, just whatever you two like.

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  • Dream beach date: Have a picnic, play in the sand (build a sandcastle), go for a walk on the boardwalk, eat ice cream and watch the sunset :)

    • That sounds really nice :o

    • @Update: A reservation to a beachside restaurant would be good too! I only mentioned picnic bc a lot of people are budget conscious right now. But if you are open to that idea, I think that would be great as well.

  • Maybe a little picnic with some music, and then stargazing holding hands, lying on a blanket and making out naked in the sea.


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  • Pack a picnic, take a blanket or large towel (s), eat, talk, listen to some romantic music, gaze at the stars.