Why did he drunk text this?

We have been talking for about 6 months... he is hot And cold But he has been through tough situations. The other night I was drinking And one of My friends got My phone And dialed him saying I wanted to sleep with him And I paniced And went along with it laughing and he knew I was drinking.

He text me the next day And he got drunk And was texting me And when I asked him about his intentions he started talking about getting physical But Then telling me not to take it the wrong way Then saying he did want to But Then no, he just kept saying this And it confused me.

What does this mean, I think i messed up by the call when I was drinking.

What does it mean when they drunk text you?

  • Just wants to sleep with me
  • You confused him
  • Red FLAG/not going no where
  • Proceed with caution
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  • I don't think it means anything. You are trying to take out meaning from the words of a man who is drunk? I mean he is not in his senses so he doesn't know what he is saying.

    You are overthinking this.

  • He's drunk. Need I say more?


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