Woman and her personal space?

I saw on YouTube - signs a woman is not interested -
This was most common - if a woman increases the distance between her and you, even slightly, she is letting you know she ain't interested.
So there was this chic in my class,
She used to always touch me and flirt with me but i dint ask her out and then one day, she completely changed,
Her body language was angled towards me (not faced), she was sitting with me but she moved her chair slightly away from me, basically slightly increasing space between her and me.
And i never saw her again, she stopped coming to the class. Its been 3 months since this Incident.
Was that a clear sign that she ain't interested?

  • If a woman, even slightly, increases space between you and her, she is subtly telling you she isn't interested.
  • Woman increasing or decreasing distance between her and you doesn't matter.
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  • Yes, most people don't like their personal space invaded. Distancing is a subtle way of telling you to keep away, not interested or the person feels uncomfortable.

    Some people do this subconsciously too

    • Thnx for your opinion, can u pls help me a bit?
      At first she was all over me, making eye contact, flirting, touching etc etc..
      She blew her ex off right infront of me. coz she wanted to spend time with me when he asked her out so u can understand how much she was into me.
      I dint make. a move or ask her out, next day she was sitting with me and kicked me from her leg, but i acted like a nice guy and didn't touch her back.
      After this incident she completely changed and started showing signs of disinterest, i wana ask u can a woman lose interest so quickly? And how can she turn into a complete bitch all of a sudden?
      Is she angry at me that sue blew her ex boyfriend for me and now he is jerking her around and she feels im responsible for her misery coz i dint act strong?

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    • You aren't responsible at all. She is responsible for her own actions.

      It's diffict too say. She may have had a change of heart and wanted back with her ex, so distanced herself from you in case it prevented her ex getting back with her.

  • Of course.

    • Ofcourse?
      Increasing space is a sign she ain't interested?

    • Look. If a guy can't even read body language or let alone accept what a girl says, it's pointless. The only way to communicate that she's not interested is to distance herself physically. Enough said. How hard is that to figure that out? if you can't even intuitively connect to people in general and rely on words and actions to indicate a direct intention.

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