Am I that much of a failure? No Girlfriend?

I am 22, I have never had a girlfriend, and I am just sick of it...

I literally have never even touched a girl, anywhere! Like a hand, or high five... nothing...

I never really cared in high school, college, I was under the mentality... it will happen when it happens

But that is wrong!

You have to try! So I tried putting myself out there, to realize how much of a failure I am...

I fell in love with a coworker, who broke my heart...

And I get nothing from dating sites, I don't drink and club but I am thinking maybe I need to learn how to dance to pop music, learn how to drink so I can hit the clubs and get a girl?

I am dying for physical and mental intimacy!

I want to kiss, hug, have sex, talk to a girl... but I'm getting nothing...

I have a good job, nice car, I am tall (15lbs overweight that I am working on) but still good looking... I am a little bit shy, but I will still talk to a girl even if its small talk... I try!

Girls on the internet, I can really connect with them because they get to know me, I have a lot of internet girl pen pals but in life no girl will even talk to me...

Am I just a loser? Like I am sick of being alone... I can't even get a date from online dating...


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  • I don't think you're a loser but I think the issue is, and I don't mean to offend you, but you don't think as highly of yourself as everyone else is, which honestly is a turn off. Personally, I like confident guys and I think most women do as well but I don't want to speak for every woman. Just don't be afraid! Good luck :)

    • I know girls like confidence, although I can fake it sometimes... Deep down inside I just feel its wrong, I am not confident in my work, my family, my body...

      Girls just don't like me, and I don't know... I just wish I had a relationship, what girl is going to want a boy who has no experience with a girl? No kissing, no dating, no sex, etc. nothing... A guy is supposed to know all that and learn when he is in higschool but I didn't...

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    • You don't have to be perfect, just be confident. Some girls may be picky but you'll fine the one <3

    • I guess I will work on my confidence,

      I think I expect perfection from myself, I am very hard on myself... and I never live up to my own standards, so I don't feel confident in any of my abilities...

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  • You sound insecure by reading what you posted. Only you can fix this. I had a really bad relationship. When I got out of it I decided not to date for a while. Turns out a while went on for 2-3 years. I literally didn't care. I was doing my own thing, had a few friends with benefits to get sex, but other than that I did not date.

    Once I decided to date again, I was not that good at it. I forgot what the game was about. But I put myself out there and got the experience I needed again. You need to get out there man. Go out to a club and approach any girl you can. If 1 says no, move on to the next. Only you can change this. Girls aren't going to approach you. Once you get some rejection and experience dating, finding a girl will be no problem. You just need to man up and put yourself out there. Ladies like confidence and if you aren't confident you aren't going to get them.

    That's just my two cents man. Don't worry about meeting ms right the first night you go out. It takes time. If you start doing this, you will no longer be lonely I guarantee it


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  • Don't be silly. You're not a loser because you have never had a girlfriend. That's absurd.


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  • Um, you really 22? Even being Anon I can still see age range of 25-29, so I will assume you're lying right off the bat.

    I'm introvert, had a girlfriend did not work out and I was okay with it. From reading what you posted all you seek is Sex, life is more then just Sex and there are many things to do and enjoy in it, outside of having a need to be in a relationship or to have Sex.

  • i suggest hookers

    • They are not legal, they probably have STDs and I am craving more than sex... I want someone to hold in my arms, someone to take care of, someone to go out with and love...

  • Bro your problem is, you think you're a looser but you're not. Where do you live?

    • Vancouver, Canada

    • Well Canadian girls are really hot I hope you will get 1 someday.

    • They have very high standards I guess...

      Gotta have a gym body, a passion, money, be smart, lead them, and don't let them get bored... Carry the entire conversation as well, as they don't like to talk.