Did she do this stuff because of me?

So today I add this girl on snapchat but she hasn't added me back but then she made a new snapchat account then when I searched her on google it only shows her Facebook but it doesn't show the one where you can search the people in that name. Then in twitter and instagram she deleted a few followers but now when I checked on google it shows her Facebook profile and when you search for people in that name


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  • No, she definitely didn't do that because of you. She probably doesn't even know you exist. Man up a bit and ask her to go to movies.

    • Well we did have a class togther and she did know I exist lol but I don't know I think she hide her Facebook profile though but now it shows her Facebook account though

    • Honestly you take it too personly. She didn't do that for you. But hey try to add her on fb and ask her out. Not a date. Just ask her to acompany you to an event or something.

    • Alright

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  • Yeah she scared from you 😊