Is it normal to be so attracted to a guy that you play with yourself whilst thinking about him?

Is it normal to feel so attracted to someone you touch yourself every time you think about the times you saw this person? But you haven;t had sex and you're a virgin. Does this mean you want to have sex with this person?

What does this mean? Is this love? And you don't want to see any other guy. Just seeing him makes you happy.


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  • It means that you're sexually attracted to him.
    To make this short, when you 'finish' your body releases hormones that make you feel good. So you start to associate this person with those good feelings.

    Although it might evolve into love [with time and you being together]; right now it's lust.

  • No this is not love, lol. It means you are very sexually attracted to the person. This seems to happen to me every time I become sexually attracted to someone before we have had sex. After, it tends to go away, it is just the desire and attraction beforehand that builds. Yeah, it is usually hard to not have sex with a person when it gets to this point, that is why bad decisions are made, lol.

    • But it's been almost a year and all i do is think about him.. so how can it go away as soon as we do it?

    • Well, it won't go away, but that passion will be directed towards him. You two will probably start having sex all the time at first! So you no longer will think about it and take care of it yourself, you wait to see him and then jump on it. It is so fun though!!