Is her love real?

This girl i was casually dating ditched me for some other dude, coz i came across as needy, desperate etc.
So when she came to know that the other dude is no better than me, she came back to me.
I ignored the fuck out of her and she stopped coming to class coz im the most desirable and dominant male in the class.
Now on her social media, she is dedicating songs and poems for me. It doesn't have my name but indirectly its for me im sure.. it says she loves me and i left her and she is all mine. Etc
I just want to know if she has changed and wants me, why don't she directly messages me?

  • She didn't cheat, u were casually dating so she has complete right to checkout her options. When she reached out to u, u shouldn't have ignored her. Now she is afraid of rejection and doesn't want to look needy and desperate.
  • She cheated and will always cheat, if she really missed u she would have sent u a message directly.
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  • do you still want to be with her?

    • I want to, but im confused should i wait for her to directly contact me or just text her?

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    • If i contact her, wouldn't i look like that i don't have any self respect and no matter how much she disrespect me, im gonna keep coming back for more?
      Bruh, one of my friends who is very popular with girls, he told me to wait, coz she will come to a point where she will text u directly and then u get together with u, at this point she is just putting her toein the water to see if i jump on it or not
      What do u suggest?

    • it'll look like that if you make it look like that, but if you're hitting up other girls and she knows it and you were just like, "meh I'll give you 1 chance", then it looks fine. you weren't begging for her back, you allowed her back into your life. it's better than rejecting her and still feeling like shit afterwards, and if you did still like her and she got with another guy, that might make you feel like more shit. well you should already know the kind of person she is, if you're sure she'll text you eventually then yeah wait, it's a slight risk. if you find yourself waiting too long then you could just text her.

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  • It's not cheating but she's an attention whore.

    • Uploading songs and poems and calling me a player..
      Do u think she has changed?
      A person like her can change ever?

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    • That means she would have contacted me directly?

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  • You described it as casual dating.

    Of course, past action shouldn't dictate if you should date.

    Also, anyone slelse gets the feling this is a pink asking as a man?

    • Should i wait for her to text me or should i text her seeing her uploading songs and poems for me?

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    • She is uploading songs and poems which has my name in it and she hopes that i see it.
      English translation of my name is sky, so she is uploading songs and poems which has the word sky in it, so indirectly she is telling me that she misses me and she loves me but she didn't do it directly..

    • Thought you said she came to you...

      In any case, if i wanted to day, id be direct.
      I would be simple.

      "Those posts about me?"
      "Wanna get food?"

  • Keep in ignoring the fuck out of her.. Get line is definitely not real... Cause think about this is the other side was better then you would she wrote those poems for you?

    I don't think so

    • *on
      *Her love
      *other guy

    • U are right brother, if the other guy was better than me, she would have tossed me aside like garbage.
      But now i have the power and i know she will text me now, if she text me then i will keep her as fuck buddy otherwise i will never text or call her.

    • Yeaa keep her as a f buddy... Don't give her your heart.. 👍

  • I mean obviously you aren't her first pick, now she just has regrets and issues with abandonment. For both of your sakes, cut her loose. She needs to learn a life lesson, and you probably would regret giving her want she wants.

    • If she contacts me, i will keep her as fuck buddy.
      If she never initiates contact, she is done from my life.