So I've become good friends with this boy who goes to my school. Him and I, for about 3 or 4 months have been speaking through texting almost everyday except when he's been on holiday which i hadn't spoken to him for about a week. About a month ago, he asked me who I like and sort of forced the answer out of me... he was really keen to know! Obviously, I ended up telling him that I had feelings for him which he found hard to believe. When I told him I like him... he told me nothing was going to happen due to other reasons about previous girlfriends. Since I've told him that I like him, he has started to reply faster, I've noticed that he sometimes looks at me to catch my attention when I don't smile at him or give him the eye contact. He has even admitted to speaking about me with his friends saying I'm cute etc, also telling his close friends about me liking him. I also tested something, my friend and I both posted a snapchat story at the same time, he watched my story but not hers. Also he doesn't end the conversation with me unless he genuinely has to for an important reason whereas he told me he ends the conversation with other people all the time and quite often. Also he screenshot my snapchat stories which were quotes which I indirected him. Also, he notices when I try to avoid him. Me and my friend have also noticed that he looks at me a lot when we are in a group talking to him, he makes direct eye contact with me for most of the time. 
Maybe he has started to catch feelings? Although... he has already told me that nothing is going to happen... he didn't clarify whether he likes me or not. On the other hand... He just said, "Nothings going to happen but I won't treat you any differently." Help? What do you think? Does he like me? Because to me I feel like he's trying to be friendly whereas my friends are convinced the that he has started to catch feelings for me... HELP?


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  • I can kind of relate to his situation. When I know a girl is intersted in me, I get a sense of validation, which of course feels good. That feeling is like a drug and you always want more of it. When a girl's interested in me, but I don't feel the same way, her validation eventually makes me want her. This is kind of weird and I've personally been working on fixing this. The thing is I don't think everyone's aware of this happening.

    I can only speculate but this might be what's happening here. Obviously he said nothing would change between you guys so he's still your friend at least, but if he continues to show more interest in you this might be what's happening here. Now it's up to you to decide what's the best course of action here. Become the BUYER instead of the SELLER.

    Good Luck!

    • What signs are there that show he's interested?

    • Well you've mentioned a few already. Eye contact and him staring at you are two big signs of interest since us guys are very visual. Also see if he asks you more questions than usual and if he's ever hinting at potential meet ups. Also try to figure out if he's still looking for validation from you.

    • how do i make him more interested? is there anyway i can make him want me?

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  • think about it for a sec.
    If you're so friendzied about the situation, it's because you dig him so fucking much so go talk to him

    • I can't talk to him about it because I feel like it would lead to too much akwardness. Especially if he has no interest in me. Therefore I'm seeking advice and opinions from people I don't know 😂

    • In life you have to take risks if you want to be someone great

    • but do u think he's interested or not?

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  • From the sounds of it, he is interesting in you and like the idea of you liking him. Maybe he just afraid that you will break his heart like the others. He may really want to have a relationship with you but convincing himself that its better not to involved himself with you. I think over time he will become comfortable and move forward. I will say be patient but if he waits too long than I will keep your options open. Nobody can wait forever.

    • How would I know when to move on or how long to wait? Or how do I know he isn't just being friendly?

    • Well let's see. how long have this been going on with you and him? Since you told him that you like him?

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