How do I text him back?

I am a dominant woman. We went on a date, we drank, he is GORGEOUS and I just couldn't help myself -.- ... Think I called him slave, very drunk. Anyway how do I awkwardly apologise? I don't want him to get the wrong idea about me or be scared away. :) Would be great if someone could show me in a text way, don't know how to phrase it. Thanks darlings. xx


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  • U gotta explain that you are actually dominant! That will lead u to where you want to be in a relationship! This is a segway!

    Tho easing him into it might be a good idea lol

    • Text form dear? He knows that and he was cool with it... just didn't expect us to get dnough to do stuff! Don't want him thinking I'm 'that' girl. x

    • Alright, I'll try to give u my best word-for-word!

      "Hey, I'm so sorry I was a bit rough last night! But yeah, I am into that stuff! But also, I want you to be comfortable! So we can go at your pace, and my pace!"

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  • Why do you want to go back there? Don't apologize. Pretend nothing happened and just send him a cute text. If he mentions anything, you'll worry about it then :)


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  • Not sure I could trust someone who claims that calling someone a "slave" is an action of being dominant and not of being disrespectful.

  • Hey im sorry for being little bitch yesterday i was just drank haha how was your day?

    • drunk*

    • It wasn't like that though :3 He enjoyed it, deffo wasn't the little bitch :'D just don't want him getting the wrong idea about me. x Thanks tho

    • U guys were drunk so maybe he didn't notice that, so just talk normally and be nice to him when you do.. and you are welcome

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