Boyfriend acts weird after getting back. why?

3 weeks of break up. And back from yesterday. he made it up to me. said sorry and that he loves me.. and he won't upset me again. today i was not fine bcs i take medicines. so i didn't contact all day.. he sent me where am i? And that he didn't hear from me..(wts app) i sent him am here but bcs of meds not ok.. that i just woke up and how is he? He didn't reply after he seen it.. and i called him later no answer... Am really confussed... he didn't even call back. i dunt like being pushy or needy.. so i didn't contact again.. he show he cares.. but the no answer or reply thing Wt shoud i do? :( Advise pls :(


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  • Perhaps he's just busy or feels like you don't want to talk to him. You should just leave him alone, but you can't threaten a break up just because he makes you upset. If you're in a constant confuse situation maybe just take a break for yourself.

    • Nooo at all... i wanna talk.. but im on medicines these days.. so im kinda exauhsted..
      ok i understand he might be busy.. and i give him space..
      i dunt threaten... he left me 4 days before the break up without saying a thing. not even answering my damn calls..
      i even called him last night to show him i wanna talk... and he didn't pick up...
      he sent me today good morning... so am so cinfussed of him... even he promised me he won't dissapear again...
      i wanted an advise that all...

    • Just tell him these actions aren't tolerable, to leave you like that leaves you upset, he he needs space or time to himself all he has to do is say so.

  • How long was you in a relationship with this guy? ( before th ebreak up and get back together) Is it a LDR?

    • 3 months... but 3 months so damn close everyday together... and talks.. and promises said he luves me... he is a kinda leader in the relation... yes
      and he is showing he is the man...
      we stayed 3 weeks then back.. and he was sooooo on fire when we got back.. sayin he won't leave me... any help? How to deal

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    • He gets busy i saw it myself.. when we met 2 days ago... his phone didn't stop ringing from his guys... his work is not that cool... sonetimes he finish at 8pm... or 9pm
      i say maybe he did it as i took time to reply.. ego u kno lol
      but when we spoke about it he explained he is doing somthinh or busy and not with intention to ignore...
      and he asked me kindly not be over pushing

    • well if you know that he gets busy at work etc then is something he can not help, just be more understanding