Which is more humiliating?

if a guy had a girlfriend but he starts telling people that he got oral sex from a different girl and it turns out it was all a lie and he made it up, which girl do you think would be more humiliated by what he did? his girlfriend or the girl he lied about getting oral from?

  • his girlfriend would probably feel more humiliated
  • the girl he pretended he had oral sex with would probably feel more humiliated
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i guess from the guy perspective it would be if the guy had a girlfriend and she went around telling people she and this other guy hooked up.. would you feel more humiliation and embarrassment if you were her boyfriend or the guy she pretended with?


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  • Girls are too often labeled as sluts. So the girl that the guy lied about would be more affected then the girlfriend. She just needs to dump his ass and move on. Whereas the girl he lied about even though he was exposed as a liar, will never hear the end of it.

  • I think he would have humiliated himself.


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