How to ask a guy what he thinks about you? Can you really do that without sounding weird?

We've been talking for 3 months we met on a dating website. We haven't been on any dates. We live several, several hours away. So...


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  • Yea, but make sure you ask the right questions.

    A gal asked me "Do you have any feelings for me?" And I said no, being as deep in depression as I was, I didn't feel ANYTHING. So when I said No, she was really hurt and didn't have to be.

    • Then how should I ask the question! We've been talking almost 3 months. We met on a dating website. We haven't been in any dates. Because we live REALLY far away from each other. So I'm not really sure what he's thinking.

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    • So should I ask him if he saw this going anywhere else? Or just ask him if he is planning on coming to see me... lol (something like that) :)

    • Even more specific. And not phrased so that he could answer yes or no.

      And this is if you want the information ONLY.

      If you want him to come see you, you say that first. Its a simple invitation. 'We've been talking for 3 months, and if you fancy, Id like you to pick me up at my house Saturday and take me to Jamba Juice." See how specific and direct?

  • You won't sound weird, ever in my opinion.
    Just do it when it feels good to do so.

    • How should I ask the question then? We met in a dating website. We've been talking for almost 3 months. We haven't been on any dates because we live so far away from each other... I don't want to sound desprate. I would like for him to tell me what he's thinking without me digging for it... you know?

    • How?
      assuming that he has seen you through pictures/webcam or whatever
      you should ask him; "What do you think about me?"
      You really can't get any more direct.
      Our brain simply works different, you give us men input (like a direct question) and you will get an answer. Dont overthink it. Do it.

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  • I was seeing this one guy that I wasn't sure how he feels about me. One day we were just talking about something and he mentioned how one of his girl friends saw me somewhere and I saw it as a good opportunity to start a conversation. I asked him if that girl is just a friend or something more and he said she's just a friend. Then I asked "what about me? am I also just a friend?" and that's how it all went downhill. He friendzoned me but at least I got my answer.