Guys, Would you do this with a friend with benefits?

Let her stay they night and then the next night take her out to dinner with your friends (you pay, some of your friends bring their girlfriends). Two days later invite her around again and then a day later invite her over again because she's working near you?

so seeing her like 3 times in one week and twice in one day. After the dinner with friends you take her home and don't have sex just drop her off.

Or is this something you'd do with a girlfriend/ girl you like more than a FWB?


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  • Well, if you take away the benefits from friends with benefits, you'll see that you're still left with a friend.
    It doesn't have to be sex all the time.
    Of course these situations are always complicated, and it often starts with one person already having more feelings than the other, so, most of the times, we already know that they end up in a weird way. Usually ruining the sex, and getting distance in the friendship.

    Seeing your answer to the other opinion, I have to ask if this is what you desire indeed. Because you don't seem troubled at all, and look like you're wishing for it to happen. Are you?

    • I guess I think that we already do all this stuff together why not just make it official and take away my insecurities. I do like him I know that much and believe if we did make it official we could take things further. We've been in this situation for over a year now

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    • Hehheh you caught me!! I will don't worry :) and I'll keep you posted - do you think the dish is a good one (prosciutto pesto chicken with veg or should I change?)

    • I have no idea what that is :x, but you have to trust your best judgement on something that he would like. Maybe try to find out his preference first.

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  • If my friend with benefits was indeed a friend, I can see how this might develop. I say this because while the idea behind a friends with benefits sounds attractive to some degree, I have to be honest in the sense that after having sex with someone more than a few times I will more than likely end up developing feelings for them, especially if the sex is good for both of us. So if your friends with benefits does like you as both a sex partner and an actual friend it might be that it is ending up to be more about friendship than sex.

    • Don't think it could mean they like you more than a FWB? (Girlfriend/boyfriend situation)?

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    • He treats me so well though we just don't have the title of boyfriend and girlfriend like its a bf/gf relationship with no title in my opinion

    • Well if you feel happy with the relationship and feel you can wait, maybe it is just a matter of timing. Perhaps after he is established professionally the other things will then fall into place.

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