He's sending me mixed signals?

I've been seeing this guy for some time now. We went out five times already and have gone to the bedroom, too. It's not much of a big deal since we've agreed to keep it casual.

The thing is, I think I'm catching feelings for him. (Queue horror music) We talked about this over some drinks and he hinted that 'it was difficult not falling for me, too' It was great and all, we really got along but what bothers me is his inconsistency when it comes to communication.

We usually see each other on the weekend and not really talk that much on weekdays. (Our work schedule makes it impossible for us to see each other on weekdays) Sometimes he would even ignore my messages. I don't get it. Guys, what are your take on this?


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  • U are his fuck buddy, accept it and move on.


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  • Is he interested in a relationship or does he only want to sleep around?
    Have you discussed it with him?

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