How do I get this guy to leave me alone?

There's this one guy who I met from one of my guy friends. He seemed to be flirting a lot the day I met him and at he end he asked for my number to text me. He then proceeded to text me ALL DAY LONG. I didn't lead him on or anything, never told him I liked him more than a friend, nor told him I was single (I'm not). But then he started getting this idea in his head that I was attracted to him and that I was singe. He started talking to me dirty and telling me what he would "do to me" if he was with me. I pretty much just repliedwith "uh-huh's" and "yeah"s. Then after two weeks of this sh!t he finally askd me if I was attracted to him. When I said no, he freaked out and said I shouldn't have "lead him on" and now "his life is ruined". He then proceeded to say that this is why he thinks there is no God, because every time somthig good happens it's ruined. The next day he apologized forbein a d*** and said I hope we can still talk. Being overly nice I said yes. Then he tried to make me attracted to him and started talking dirty to me again, only this time it was worse. It' gotten so far that now he texts me an average of seven messages every day when I try to ignore him and the first thing he does when he gets up is texts me, "Good morning sexy lady". I've tried textng him as a friend but the flirting texts don't top. How do I get him to leave me alone without beng a b!tch about it?


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  • You didn't do anything wrong in my opinion.

    He's the one who was delusional and thought just because you gave him your phone number that meant you wanted to be soulmates.

    You owe him nothing, he'll get over it.

    Just block his number and if you can't don't respond to any of his texts.

    You shouldn't want to even be friends with anyone that clingy, desperate, psycho, creepery.


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  • You keep encouraging him, stop answering his texts, tell him to stop texting, you did lead him on and you are still doing it, replyin uh huh and yeah can mean anything say stop texting me you creep if you really want him to go away or are you just addicted to the attention that he is giving you.

  • 1. Do not reply to his texts. Don't say "yeah" or "uh huh" or be nice. Just stop altogether.

    OR (better yet)



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