Girls, what am I supposed to do?

Gonna try to keep this short. This chick and i met in 2013 on kik. I was 14, and really digged her. After a yr thats when we started fighting over useless shit. She admitted after a fight that she lied about her pics, location, and her name. I was gutted, wanted to get the absaloute fuck out of there. But i stayed because i was inlove with her. Forwarding to now , im 17 soon, i party, get shitfaced drunk and im your average horny teenager. I do have sex with women, so its not like i can't get girls. I just can't get the very one that i want, so i sleep around to forget about her. She knows i sleep with a lot of girls, doesn't like it but lets it go. I know she has things with a lot of guys as well which pisses me off but at the end of the day we love eachother. she's sexy as fuck, but we fight so thats the only downside. I haven't always been good to her, an asshole infact (went through depression and my mums battle with cancer) but she always stayed. I have lost a lot of feelings due to fights so im really confused if i wanna meet her and start something or not. I feel as if this i would never forget this girl, as she's deep in my heart ( i sound like a pussy i know haha ) And i have cried over her before ( dont like admitting it ) because i was scared to lose her. I get that im confusing, as i can be really cold with her and then loving anoher time. She even asked me if we should just giveup and stop talking because of how bad the fights were.
I need someones advice on what to do, because im torn wheher to leave or meet her and pursure something.
Any help would be appreciated, Cheers.
Wade :)


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  • Nope. You need to just drop this relationship like a ticking time bomb becuse that's what it is. She lied to you in the beginning about who she was. GIANT ASS RED FLAG!!! You say you stayed because you loved her, but the person you fell in love with is a lie. It doesn't matter if she told you some things that were true, she lied. Now you sleep with other girls. That isn't healthy. You don't value the relationship enough to remain faithful. You say she doesn't like it, but you still do it. You are blatantly disrepecting her by doing that. Kind of a douche move. What's even doucheyer is that she sleeps with other guys too. So yeah, she also sucks because you don't like it. But guess what, you have absolutely no room to complain because you're sleeping with other girls as well. You say she's sexy, but that isn't a reason to stay in a relationship. You guys can't stop fighting online before you even have a relationship. How the hell do you expect for things to play out if you guys meet in real life?

    Bottom line, this isn't healthy. You need to end things and take time to figure out what the hell you want in an relationship and whether or not you're willing to keep your dick in your pants when you're around other girls. If you don't, then you're going to be in for a world of hurt and you'll leave plenty of other girls who don't deserve to be hurt by a guy like you completely heartbroken.


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  • mkay so like how bad are the fights though? you said their over useless dumb shit hahaha so it can't be THAT bad and if you guys actually met up you probably wouldn't fight as much about whatever that was right? and how far away does the girl live from you like a couple hours or like states away? and like why do you still talk to her if you met her on kik and like you haven't met haha like and are you guys dating like them cheating on each other?πŸ€”πŸ€”or I don't know haha like you didn't explain too much and I think if YOU think she's worth it and YOU actually LOVE her then go for it meet her!!! and stop being an asshole, there's no point in it what do you get out of it? and ya haha

    • Alright ahaha im shit at explaining. By useless shit i mean like, she's mad insecure. She'd be like "Oh you dont love me" And then saying im not there for her when she's upset but when i am she tells me its none of my buisness πŸ€” She lives a hell of a trek away. Like 1-2 hours, ik thay doesn't seem like much but i work, busy on the weekends and trying to manage my apprenticeship and school so its hard. And no we're not dating, but we are at the same time its confusing as fuck even for me. And to explain the last part, i dont know if im down for the fighting, since we fight so much over text. As i said i lost feelings and not 100% sure its worth the effort to drop everything, cancel work or plans one day and try it out? I don't know ahahah need help

    • And i went to this music festival, we organised to meet ( dont say i didn't try) she said she saw me but she was too scared to say hey. beachse i was with my friends and she didn't wanna embarass herself. after that she didn't talk to me for like 3 weeks so i never brought it up again

  • Well honestly all couples argue, but what's important is that you two are willing to work it out, if you think she's the one, I say go for it.

  • You can care about someone a lot and think about them but not be like that. I was so head over heels for this dude I met when I was 16 he was so sweet to me (according to other girls he'd sleep with them as soon as he met them) but he's never done that just super innocent shit. Anyways he keeps going back to his baby's mother and other shit towards the end we end up fighting. I have a boyfriend who I've been with over year and a half I love him with all my heart. I still care about the other guy but not like that. He'll message me every once in a while I don't know why but I think he liked the innocence I brought and how I still believe in him. But you don't have to be with someone to care about them

    • Finding it hard to let go thats the only downside

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    • Yeah we stopped talking for 3 months. Still thought about her tho and messaged her. Just lost my minds everywhere -.-

    • I mean you're hurt and she was that comfort for a long time maybe you saw something in her but people change and it's sad but you gotta accept it

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