Should I really ask him what he thinks of me? If so. how?

I've been talking to this guy for over 2 months. We met on a dating website. We live far away from each other so we haven't been on a date.

  • Yes! Just ask him! ...(how?) please explain. :)
  • No! Don't ask. why? Please explain.
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Please explain on how I should ask him I don't want to sound weird or desperate. I just want to know how he's feeling.
So... why or why not should I ask him! We've been talking like I said for over 2 months. He seems to like me. Lately our conversations hasn't been the best. But, I know he has a really hard job. He contacted me first on the dating website. I just want to know what he's thinking about all of this


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  • You shouldn't need to ask him how he feels about you. If someone genuinely cares about you , then they'll make an obvious effort to let you know. He shouldn't need prompting to tell you

    If you are unsure of where you stand with him then I'd certainly ask him that.

    • so I should ask him where I stand? How would I do that though? How should I ask that?

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    • I tend to over think a lot too. Yeah, I understand, but always make sure you know where you stand with people , so you don't end up hurt. Look after your own t heart 😊❤

    • Okay! Thank you! :)

  • Ask him if he would like to meet you and go on a real date

    • That's true. But, he lives like 15 hours away. So it's not like it's a couple of hours away. So... you know?

    • find a cheap light! you never will know until you try something new

    • Okay! Yeah! I guess I could do that! Thank you! :)

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