If no contact for 4 months, is it over?

She blew me off for some other guy in the class, and then she came back to me because that guy turned out to be a douchebag,
i ignored her, so now since im the most valuable guy in the class and since she fucked up by blowing me off earlier for a douchebag, so now is stuck in a pickle.
As a result, now she stopped coming to the class, its been 4 months and same is the time since she dint talk to me.
But she uploads songs and poems for me, basically indirectly telling me that she loves me and misses me.
Is it over?

  • No its not over, she is feeling guilty and ashamed and fears rejection so she is chosing to indirectly reach out to you. Hoping you will see poems and songs and reach out to her.
  • Yeah its over.
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  • Sounds like she has too much pride to admit she's fucked up leaving you.

    • Yeah she is passive aggressive kind of a person,
      we were casually dating and she reached out to me in the class by making eye contact with me and stuff, but i fuckin ignored the shit out of her, so maybe she took it as a sign of rejection.
      and now she ain't even texting me for 4 months but still uploads songs and love poems

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    • @9mfeo she played with my feelings,
      My ego won't let me die me in peace if i dint pay her the favour back.
      I have full control and power at this point and i will abuse my power.
      It. Will be so fun when she will be in love with me after hooking up with me and then i will treat her like shit hahahahahah

    • Yeah, that is a totally sane response. Someone didn't want to go out with you so you plot revenge. You going to kill her when you're done as well, Eliot Rodger?

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  • You don't know who the songs or poems are for, so it's pretty self-centred to believe they're for you. It's over, buddy. Don't kid yourself.

    • Its for me , im 100 % sure.
      Do u think there can be a chance?
      if it was over then why she stopped coming to the class?

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    • You're right, im evil
      And guess what im gonna do to her?
      Im gonna wait for her to contact me and if she does i will arrange a date, then i will fuck her and then i will dump her ass..
      Seeing her in pain is my pleasure,
      She blew me off for some other guy, now she has a hell to pay

    • Wow, that is totally normal, rational and healthy behaviour.

      You need to see a therapist. Or to be kept away from the public forever.

  • Has she actually mentioned your name in these poems? If not, then they're not for you. Don't be so narcissistic.

    • English translation of my name is sky,
      She always has sky in her poems and songs

    • She used to call me sky

    • Whether they're for you or not, I suggest that you stay well away from her, based on your comments to other posts.

  • It's been over for a while. Sorry

    • But she uploads songs and poems for me?

    • I know but that doesn't really mean anything. :(

    • My coach always says -
      When you something unusual happening (something different from the routine), be ready coz something big is going to happen.
      Maybe its just a matter of time when she can't take it Anymore and contacts me directly.

  • Can't tell unless I no her personality


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